What is Bowlin?


1. The opposite of 'ballin.'

2. To be in the negative state of 'ballin.'

3. The opposite of cool or good.

4. To have a low social status.

1. We are ballin, not bowlin.

2. Mike: See that hot girl over there? I got her number! BALLIN!!!

Steve: That girl's fat and has some facial hair. Matter of fact, that's not even a girl...that's a dude. BOWLIN!!!!!

3. Trying to 'holla at a shawty' while driving a rusted, beat up 1980 Ford Pinto.

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The white, bowler's version of ballin. It is usually shouted or exclaimed by serveral people when a fellow bowler does something epic such as throwing a strike or a sick split.

John: This mothalova Sam is ballin

Surge: nah ma nigguh, he bowlin

Sam: (bowls a strike)

The bowling team: Bowlin!

Sam: (Goes back to eating his nachos)

Keith: Sam I don't gotta deal with this bullshit. Get your ass down here or ill kcik you off the fuckin team.

Sam: (Grunts...on the inside)

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slang for a "gangster walk" limp walking around

"yo check him out,he thinks his a real badman"

"what you mean? him bowlin around school like he owns the place?"

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when someone thinks they are super cool and the most awesome thing on the planet when in reality THEY ARENT.

Spencer is telling everyone about how he smokes all the time so thell think hes all cool.hes bowlin.

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