What is Brap?


A sound uttered when a heavy tune comes on usually heard in garage raves.

Combine with gunfingers for best results.

Listen to 'Gladiator' by Alias. You won't be able to help it.

brap! brap!


Sound made to imitate gunshot. Used say after you've just rinsed someone, or as mentioned earlier, listening to a heavy tune.

You're so fat, you're going to die young!! braaap!!

Aw big tune mandem!! Braaaaap!!!


Brap is something you say when your bigging someone/something up.

Big up ma m8 shyla! brap!

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Word commonly used in Hip Hop music during the 90's, most notably by American Underground/Indie hip hop artists, signifying gun shot/use of gun etc.

As well as this, it was used by bikers in the 80's as reference to the sound of their engines.

Now most notably used in the UK by chavs who get to excited by anything and everything.

1 - If you ever think of tryna play me then blam, brap brap

2 - this engine is one hell of a mother, braaaaaaaaaaap

3 - init bruv, brap!!

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(pronounced Brrrrap!) A word commonly used by chavs, brap is usually said when elated at news.

Guy 1: My Mom is gonna give me £60 we'll split it yer?

Guy 2: Brap!

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a word most commonly used by chavs, but also by people taking the piss out of chavs, to imitate a gunshot

1: Chav "brap brap motherfucker"

2: Normal person: "look at those stupid chavs down the street. BRAP BRAP dumbasses"

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now used to take the piss out of chav-speak.

or a word seriously used by chavs, at very inappropriate times.

YESS MAYTE, we are likke, WELL repectabled dat under 16s nightclub. BRAP.

P1: what did the doctor say?

P2: he said, i might not live more than a, month. BRAP.

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