What is Breasticles?


The rounded organs situated on a female chest. They come in many shapes and sizes and are often used for persuasion.

Look at the breasticles on her!


another word to add to the list of words that are, and will always be BREASTS.

I have rather large breasticles


Slang term for tits, boobies, breasts, boobs, baps, babylons, gazongas, puppies, jugs, bosoms, three-penny-bits, bee stings,titties, spaniels ears etc...

'Breasticles, testicles, wallet and watch...'

'I've got a lovely pair of breasticles...'

'Can I have a squeeze of your breasticles please?'

See tits, boobies, breasts, boobs, baps, babylons


Breasts which, at one time, were very large but have become saggy, thus resembling testicles.

"Don't let your mom on the trampoline! She'll beat herself to death with those breasticles!"

See breasts, boobs, tits


Breasts that are so saggy and low that they might as well be testicles. A common condition found old women.

Woah! That old woman in the locker room had some serious breasticles!

See breasts, testicles, condition, saggy


Over-developed mammary glands on Human Males. A combination of the words "breasts" and "testicles".

Damn, Brunn should really get a bra to support his breasticles.


Tits that hang so low, they resemble testicles.

Yo that gilf has breasticles.

See breasts, testicles, balls, tits, gilf


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