Bret Mckenzie

What is Bret Mckenzie?


One half of the glorious duo called Flight of the Conchords. Bret McKenzie is known primarily for his participation in said band, but has also had a little role in a Lord of the Rings movie and is subsequently known as FIGWIT (Frodo is great--WHO IS THAT?!). He may also be reffered to as the "Boom King". Bret has legions of fans both male and female alike who lust after him, and who can blame them when Bret is so good looking?

Alas, he has a fiance. Sad day my fellow female friends. Sad day.

Man, did you see Flight of the Conchords last night?

YES, and I only watch Bret McKenzie when he's onscreen because he's got it goin on.

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