Bridge To Terabithia

What is Bridge To Terabithia?


Once a popular children's book, Bridge to Terabithia now refers to the area of flesh linking the scrotom and the anus. In other words, the male verion of a woman's bridge of bethel.

You ain't be crossin my bridge to terabithia if you ain't payin the tolls preceding the journey.


A very sad book that was made into the saddest Disney movie ever. It's about a poor, introverted boy who makes friends with a rich, extroverted girl. She brings him out of his shell and teaches him many important lessons. Then, at the height of their friendship, she is killed off. It doesn't matter how soft or hard you are, if you have a heart of any size, you will cry when you read the book/watch the movie. Both the book and movie are extremely good.

MEAN 13-YEAR-OLD: Here, read this book. It's all happy and rainbows and stuff. *hands innocent 6-year-old Bridge to Terabithia*

INNOCENT 6-YEAR-OLD: Oh, OK. *reads book*

--1 hour later--



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