What is Bring?


Used as a direct object that indicates you having something to offer on the table.

Hey, man, if you come to the party you gotta have some bring!

"Yo, I'm coming over."

"Yeahs, man, you can if you got bring!"

See weed, beer, money


A term invented by a young child that has a sexualfantasy over Halo 3. Usually this term is used by people with letters of the english alphabet; namely x, y, z. This term means that a person has battle rifled a person place or thing ( noun)

Zach: Oh my god, this kid sucks at BRing, I'm so much better he needs to get a life.

Xavier: This game is so hard! Everyone is to good at BRing

Yarl: I'm one of the best BRers in the game! I don't even have to scope!

See x, y, z, halo 3, battle rifle, no, life, nerds


(v) 1. To carry, convey or take to a designated place or person.

(n) 2. A term used by a chigger, chiggers when referring to a form of currency.

Faive dolla you buy


the action of getting me MY SHIT

bring me my shit, bitch.


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