What is Brishaide?


Four of the greatest people to have ever walked this earth.

Brishaide is a combination of Briana, Shani, Jade, and Thais. They are are a rainbow of color and the best people ever. If you don't believe me, get to know them for yourselves!

1.Kuntz: Hey, are we gonna party with Brishaide tonight?

Skabz: No... Brishaide is too good for us to party with.

Kuntz: But I just wanna be cool like they are!

Skabz: Me too, me too.

2.Bitch1: Whatever happened to those losers from 104?

Bitch2: They've formed Brishaide.

Bitch1: Yeah, and?

Bitch2: They're better than we could ever hope to be.

Bitch1: Oh. Damnit!

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