What is Brocabulary?


part of bromanculture, vocabulary spoken from one bro to another, with emphasis on bronunciation.

An emphasis should be put on expanding one's brocabulary at every opportunity.

Bro-ing Out - Akin to a bro's version of "Girls Night Out", but with less kissing and boob-grabbing.

Brode - Bro Code. "If bro_#1 wants to date bro_#2's ex, he is obligated to ask. Bro_#2 is then in turn obligated to say Yes."

Bromosexual - A bro that is also a chick, and therefore bang-able.

Broner - Over-excitement for any bro-ing out activity. "Eddie popped a total broner when Jimmy rented out the Laser-tag pavillion..."

Bronoculars - A safety devise used to counteract another Bro's Beer Goggles. "If it weren't for my bronoculars, Harry would have rumped a total ugmo!"

The P-L-Bro - A group of bros occupying the same brocation as your brommunity.

Quid Pro Bro - A more or less equal exchange of goods or services between bros. "You can borrow my bike, but I get to tag your sister, Jenny."

Brophylactic - An agent, device, or measure that protects a bro from unwanted contact. "Don't be a ding-dong, cover your schling-schlong."

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A set of terms used to communicate effectively in a surrounding with primarily bro's. These words can be dubbed a part of official brocabulary simply by adding a "bro" on the front of any given word (see "brointro"). These words can commonly be misconstrued, EX: when a bro attempts to create a brocab word that is completely out of nowhere and nonsensical (see "brogus")

Bro1: "yo bro, the stuff that guy at the frat party last night said was so brogus. no one knew what the hell he was talking about.

Bro2: "i know bro, he needs to brush up on his brocabulary for sure"

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The stock of words used by or known to bros.

His brocabulary is rather limited.

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refer to the buddy info of rellimelyk016

The brocabulary consits of bromancalture.

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the vocabulay that your brother uses

your bro has a weird brocabulary

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