What is Brodeo?


A get-together or a party where the attendance is prodominantly male.

So many dudes got wasted at Lou's brodeo out in Idaho.

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A reference to GFW radio, known as 97.5 The Brodeo.

I was listening to the Brodeo on my way to work.

See gfw, videogames, urban dictionary


When the dance floor bro to ho ratio is at least 5 to 1

There's too many dicks on the dance floor. It's a brodeo

See sausage fest, fotc



A casual bacchanalia defined by a shocking lack of female revelers.

Also see 'Sausage Fest'

Steve's party was a total brodeo - the only people who showed up were his brother, his friend Giles, and that guy whose fingers smell like milk.

See sausage fest, circle jerk, sausage party, cock fest, testical festival


A gathering, usually a party, in which the majority of people are guys.

Steve invited us to his party but when we got there it was a total brodeo so we left to go to this party where we'd be sure to get some poon.

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Too many bros macking on one hoe.

Hey Joey, join that brodeo over there and get her digits.

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A huge bro party/beerfest in which tons of girls get "ridden".

King bros often show up to brodeos

Brodeos can involve hundreds of gallons of beer and involve massive beer pong sessions

It is said that to not play Dave Mathews at a brodeo is a legitimate sin.

"Yo bro, I'm so pumped for the brodeo tonight, I know that I could get with a couple chicks"

"Yea same, I hope I do too bra"

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