Broke Em

What is Broke Em?


To tricksomeone in an utterly stupidway. In a way where you know the person will fall for whatever you're asking, or saying, but you're actually just lying, and watching them look/reply in a way to make them look stupid.

Brian: Hey, is that your pencil right there? *points to floor*

Josh: *looks at the floor, no pencil* Huh?

Brian: BROKE EM!



Josh: Yo, it's rainin' man!!

David: *looks to the window, no rain*


See physche, sike, slow, dumbass


(1)to cross or fake someone in basketball.

(2)to own someone (also can be said as got em)

friend1: hey this is ben

friend2: ben who?

friend1: ben dover...OHHH got em

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