Broke The Seal

What is Broke The Seal?


having gone beyond the first piss while consuming alcohol or some other beverage which has a diuretic effect. Once the seal has been broken, frequent visits to the bathroom will usually be forthcoming.

Wino #1:

"hey, what happened to you at Dangus' party the other night? I thought you were gonna stay and chill with us!"

Wino #2:

"Yeah that WAS the plan, but some asshat got me locked into a full-on hostage crisis and I started swigging on some drank. After a while I had to take a leak, but you know how that shit just keeps coming once you start, so I resisted. Well once the purple stuffwas cashed, I did a few kegstands and rolled up into the john to take a monster whiz, but someone was passed out on the throne so I broke the seal in the bathtub.

After that, I had to see what kind of fucktardation was going down at my homeboy's sketch pad. As I might have guessed, they were licking psychedelic toads, dealing laser-guided tridents and pimping gay male midget prostitutes...awesome! But yeah, I must have pissed like 90 more times...because I broke the seal. Is that explanatory and redundant enough for you?!? Jesus, I need a drank!

See piss, pee, urination, evacuation


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