Broke-ass Bitch

What is Broke-ass Bitch?


someone who comes over just to 'borrow' your clothes, bags, and yo size 7 stilletos even though she's a size 9. someone who never orders anything at the restaurant but just finishes what you can't. someone who just convinces you guys to "chill" and just hang out because she can't afford to go somewhere you gotta spend money at. the one who fronts about her whereabouts, brands of clothing, and of course money, but when it comes down to it she aint got shit to say. someone who fronts and claims as being another "miss independent" but does everything of the above. how fucking annoying.

i invited her to kick it but she needed me to pick her up, drop her home, and while we was at the restaurant she tells me she aint hungry so she don't order nothin but when my order comes she eats 1/2 of it then decides she hungry again and orders something and asks me borrow money to pay off her reciept. what the fuck? what a broke-ass bitch.

See freeloader, girls, liar, front, kill joy


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