Broomstick Bitch

What is Broomstick Bitch?


A girl that is so ridiculously thin you can use her as the handle for a broom. You need to be gently though, as broomstick bitches tend to snap into two if you use even the slightest force.

Dude A: Boy this house is a mess. Hey, you! Broomstick Bitch!

BB: Yeah?

Dude A: I'll give you five quid to be my broom handle.

BB: Well, I am so thin that you can see through me, and unbelievably arrogant because of it (which makes me a broomstick bitch) so okay!

Dude A: Right, i'll just fit you on there and...


Dude A: Oh crap, it's split in two!

Dude B: Ha ha! Stupid bitch. Oh man, look at all that powdered blood and dust coming out of her. Ewww.

Dude A: Come on, lets get another broomstick bitch to clean her up.

Dude B: Okay!

See broomstick, bitch, thin, anorexia, biyatch


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