What is Brsb?


The Brondi Racking Surfie Bandits derive from the remote territory that lies between the hallowed sands of bronte and bondi beaches. The region remains relatively secluded due to the fear of being abused by the brsb faithful. Although frightfully intimidating, according to folk law, brsb members have been known to fall victim to the power of the mullet and various other haircuts with the slightest resemblance to it. Approach with caution...and pick us up some chips from the Bronte chippa while your at it. Cheers

Extract from the Australian Financial Review 5th July 2003:

BRSB shareholders continue to be among the most affluent people in Australia with dividend yields in excess of 67%. However in parliament, treasurer Peter Costello and fellow cabinet members have expressed some concern as to where the funds may be used - "who knows what the fuck these brsb lunatics are going to do with money of these proportions?!, we suggest that people avoid all eastern suburb beaches at any cost"

Bazza: Those BRSB cunts are aggressive eh

Travis: yeah sick fighters but.


faithful followers of huey, the BRSB tribe are known as brontastic, staceworthy and aggressssive. usually found marinating with their wheeibles at the beach by day and at the sheaf by night. very suave, very smooth and very unpredictable...

they drive the fastest of cars at the highest of speeds. various modes of transport include a fleet of ovlovs, or an extremely suped up and decked out turbocharged, supercharged and NOS'd up ECHO- it's phat

man those brontastic brsb kunts just gave me a drive-by headcut. heard em coming but there was too many- they had the whole ovlov crew AND the echo. they gave me the most staceworthy haircut- i look like Garry..WAY better than justcuts. they taxed me tho- stole my thongs! aagggresssive ey



A collection of previously defined people who exert stace.

Wozza: How agressiivveee are those brsb cunts?

Shane: I know. I wish I was as staceworthy as them.

Wozza: Yeah.


The Brondi Racking Surfie Bandits....a dangerous faction of mullet hunters located somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, possibly in Australia. The dangerous group are well known for wearing only board shorts that are as they say "Top of the RAAAAAANGE"....also common catchphrases used include "MMOOOGHHH", "Agreeesssiivvve" and "thats gay"..ease approach with the strongest discretion.

Watch out for those BRSB cunts, theyre AGRREESSIIVVE


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