What is Bruckheimer Principle?


The school of entertainment which values style over content to the point of a fault. Epitomizes the saying, "sell the sizzle, not the steak."

Often allows a character or characters to perform egregious violations of physics, social moorings, or general reality with few negative consequences as long as said character(s) looks good while doing so. Always involves an inordinate amount of special effects. Characteristically produces attempts at entertainment which are highly dependent on the audience's emotions but independent of its cerebral abilities.

Applying the Bruckheimer Principle to his situation, the hero was able to make a ramp out of a nearby flatbed tow-truck, get his vehicle over 90mph, and jump over the huge line of traffic (and the accident that caused it) to safety.

A nuclear warhead, with the Bruckheimer Principle carefully applied, can break an asteroid the size of Texas in half.


In a movie, every frame must provide something usable in the film trailer.

The movies "Armageddon" and "Kangaroo Jack" were awful because they followed the Bruckheimer Principle

See Duke


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