What is Bruin?


The official mascot of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), representing one of the most successful NCAA teams in the nation. A consistently large number of collegiate Bruin athletes represent the United States or their home countries at the Summer Olympics.

A famous Bruin was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, six-time MVP in basketball.


A winner. Someone who attends the best University in Southern California, one ranked higher than SC in academics, with the most NCAA team championships out of any school in the nation. Not a skirt-wearing man condom. Wears powder blue and gold, not piss-yellow and pimple red like the rich kids at the school surrounded by a ghetto. Cares about more than just football, unlike his/her lowly crosstown rivals. Actually has a brain and doesn't rely on daddy's money to get him/her through life.

Not a rapist like the USC football team. Not a murderer like OJ. And not a snake like those USC grads who worked for Nixon.

It's much more difficult to get into UCLA and become a Bruin than it is to get into SC and become a Trojan. UCLA requires more than money.


A small, dickless bear.

"UCLA has bruins roaming around its campus. They are so tiny and dickless."

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Angry or annoyed at someone.

'I'm bruin at you!' 'I'm bruin at Daniel!'

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a really big hockey player.

Did you see the bruin in the white helmet? He must be 6'6".

See hazy


1) An unemployed person

2) One who drive a Kia

3) Someone who stopped caring about football following 5 consecutive defeats versus USC.

4) Victim of intense and crippling inferiority complex relative to crosstown rival's academic and athletic successes

5) Receipient of welfare

Note alternate pronunciation: fUCLA

My maid is a bruin.


A person who decided to save money on college and get a worthless degree.

Your mom is a Bruin and that's why she washes balls for a living. (see Lewis Black standup)


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