Brush Hog

What is Brush Hog?


a cop that sits in the highway median and waits for people that speed

while driving to florida i noticed a brush hog so i let off the gas pedal

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A term used to describe the actual device and / or the act of mowing down brush. It is a derivative term of "Bush Hog" which is a copyright trade name used to describe the world's most successful rotary cutter. The term Brush Hog may be heard more frequently in the upper mid-western US states whereas Bush Hog is heard more frequently in the south and south eastern US. The word is used as both a Verb and a Noun.

I am going to cut that field with a Brush Hog.

I am going to cut that field with a Bush Hog.

I am going to Brush Hog that field this weekend.

I am going to Bush Hog that field this weekend.

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Similar to the Lawnmower except the anus involved has a lot of hair and is sometime ripped out during the extraction process: The act of inserting A string of anal beads into a girl, or guys anus. Once the string is fully inserted with just enough to hold onto hanging out, place your foot on the ass and yank out the string of beads like you are starting a lawnmower. You should hear a sound like a motor trying to start that ends with a scream.

That ass is too hairy for a lawnmower, I think a brush hog will be perfect for you.

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