What is Brynn?


A name meaning "raven-haired beauty" originating from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

"Top o' the mornin', Brynn!"

See bryn, brynne, brin, bryan, bre


One who is an excellent make out partner.

Daym! That girl was a definite brynn - that make out sesh was awesome!

See brynn, bryn, bryn-ly, make out, session


badass little baseball player who gets all the bitches he wants, and is one of the toughest little shits i know



hot ass step-sister i masturbate to every night

brynn's 34D tits are amazing, easily making me gizz at the sight of them


shes my older stepsister, she has 34D tits and size 5 thongs. her body is amazing, tight and fit, her naked body is enough to make you gizz. i have fantasies about her all the time

she is totally shaved

brynns 34D tits look amazin on either side of my dick as i fuck them


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