What is Bsb?


BSB-Backstreet Boys, popular five male vocal worldwide.

BSB fanfiction, "I'm a BSB fan!", "BSB is the best group."

See Dani


The online abbreviation for "Brooklyn Steam Bath". Useful for when you're in a hurry.

superstud123: dude, brb, i need a bsb bad

superstud456: whoa, you must stink in brooklyn

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BSB or Bull Shitting Bitches.

A term used to describe any female of any age that does nothing but bull shit.

Guy: Hey girl what are you doing this weekend?

Chick: Nothing

Guy: you wanna chill

Chick: Sure Okayy!!!

The weekend

Guy: we still gonna chill

Chick: no im sorry ive got to go shopping with my mom and friends.

Guy: Damn shes a BSB

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Bull Shit Barry

Some one who bullshits all the time.

Thats total BSB...

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Big Sperm Buildup - used when you havent had sex for a while

Havent had sex this week so have a massive bsb

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Back-Stabbing Bitch, a person who uses you and then stabs you in the back...

Man, that bsb got me real good today

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BSB = Bull Shit, Bitch

Me: My ear hurts.

Person: That's BSB.


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