What is Bte?


Best Time Ever

A phrase girls/ nerduse on msn

"hahahaha kyle + connor lol BTE!"

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A "Breach of Toilet Etiquette" or BTE may occur in a public or office environment where you can find adjoining cubicles.

A BTE is classified as any incident that does not comply with the "Suitable Hospitality In Toilets" guidelines.

Common breaches of toilet etiquette include speaking on a mobile phone while in a cubicle, speaking to a person in an adjoining cubicle, or entering a cubicle from which another person has just walked out (especially where the flush cycle is incomplete, toilet seat warm or other cubicles are available).

Other known examples of BTEs include:

- Multiple persons leaving adjoining cubicles at the same time' and

- Leaving toilet paper on the seat at the conclusion of the 'business'.

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By THe End

Dude, BTE she was screaming for more

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