What is Btw?


By The Way


Common internet catch anagram meaning "by the way". Some have said it really means "back to work", but I think they are dumbasses.

You're a retard if you think that BTW means "back to work", and BTW you suck too.


a shortened version of By The Way

Instant Messaging Conversation:

Person1:Hey, do you know when that big project is due?

Person2:I don't know, but I think Thursday

Person1:Alright. btw, when is that movie playing tonight that you wanna go see?

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by the way.

just in shorter terms.

oh yeah btw..nt u stop by the house later on

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by the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

girl one: Did you hear that bre and ryan broke up

girl two: yeah btw bre is such a slut

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Short for 'By The Way'

Btw why is he dead?

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Text form of "By the Way"

Also, a kick ass song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lucy: OMG i frgt 2 tll u tht i lke ths gy

Margeret: o, BTW, go fck urslf

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The biggest and baddest high school in Tulsa , Oklahoma. keppin it crunk fa really!!

BTW dominates every school in football!


The best Arts school in the Monrgomery area. Needs to continue being that. And all yall Brewtech adn LAMP folks need to stop hating.

BTW is the greatest arts school.

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