What is Bucc?


A word made up by the advertisers of So You Think You Can Dance Canada to make themselves sound "hip".

It's gonna be bucc, Canada.

Translation: It's gonna be the greatest, Canada.

Translation: My youth intern told me this was a word and I'll be damned if I'm not using it.

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coming from hip-hop dance krumping. another way to say "let's krump" meaning something that is intense and passionate. something that is insanely cool.

that's the buccness. or that's bucc.

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A slang word (pirate origin) originating from the word "buccaneer", referring to something that is cool. Originated from "So You Think You Can Dance Canada"s recent marketing campaign.

A proper response to someone using this term is to say "Avast, ye dog", "Arr, me matey" or "Ahoy" or anything pirate related.

Statement: "It's gonna be bucc, Canada!"

Reply: "Arr, me matey. Ahoy."

Statement: "That dance was great, it was totally bucc."

Reply: "Avast, ye dog."

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When internal artistry meets physical expression, as defined by 'Lil C

"Yo that choreography was Bucc"

See internal, physical, buck


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