What is Bucketgrabber?


The scientific name douchesiousbucketousgraberious(also see: parasite, or virus) iBucket grabbers are found in greater Sacramento are and it is believed to have infested other areas due to lack food supply from infestation of Pods (i3 or more Bucket Grabbersmove on to the same body of water /i) to have migrated into the foothills, Yolo county, Lake county and Placer county and various parts of the bay area. Some distinctive characteristics include the following: missing or no CA fishing license, two or more poles with out rod stamp, no delta stamp, summer teeth (see Sloth from the moton picture "The Goonies"), trail of cans of milwakees best or cedar mountain ale, trail of fishing line, lure packaging and visible stream of old spice cologne. Lastly the most definitive characteristic of bucket grabbers are their in ability to string a cohesive and congruent sentence together with out utilizing profanity and or are completely unable to complete a sentence in an understandable form of English.

Get da bucket screamed a bucketgrabber as he ran down to drag the ten pound pre-spawn bass out of the water.

See pods


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