What is Buckoff?


1. A sound Jozy made while laughing and trying to tell me to fuck off at the same time. ^^

2.A chicken cursing at the farmer for giving it non tastey and cheap chicken feed.

3.The sound you will hear tonight in coming from your parents room.XD

4.The sexual moan of a gorilla molesting a Hippo. They like that! ^^

1. Me> *Tickling Jozy massively*

Jozy> *Laugh, snort, weez, cough, laugh, laugh, snort,* ..BUCKOFF!!

Me> *Laughs* Buckoff?

Jozy> Buckoff...>/

2. Farmer> It's... FEEDING TIME! Come here little hens!!

Hens> *Taste the gross cheap food* BUCKOFF! *Attack*

3.I have no example but I strongly advise you sleep at a freinds house tonight..It might be loud.

4. Go to the saffari. There's plenty of examples there.

See buck, off, snort, laugh, gorrila, farmer


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