What is Bucktown?


Brooklyn, NYC.

"Bucktown USA - Boot Camp Click"

"Bucktown - Smif n Wesson"


also known as (raeford), a ghetto city outside of fayetteville,where all the broke ass people live(accept for the RiCH neoghborhood WESTGATE),has one high school,three middle schools,&50million elementary schools,the population is overcrowded with LUMBEE-INDIANS,&&gang bangers(bloods],Not a qood place to live!

niqqa where you from?

"niqqa i REP bucktown all day everyday-SOOWOOP".

niqqa you a LAME!

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Brooklyn, New York. A city in New York

Smif n Wesson - "Bucktown"

There are a lot of suck rappers from bucktown; Sean Price, Black Moon, Smif n Wesson, Boot Camp Clik.

Brooklyn is one of the 5 buroughs of NYC.

See brooklyn, crooklyn, b town, brookz


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