Bud Heavy

What is Bud Heavy?


expression for a regular budwieser for the hardcore kid

" man those bud heavys werent tasting to shab"

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A term used in the mid-west referring to regular budweiser in an attempt to avoid getting bud light by mistake.

yo pick me up a 30 of bud heavy when you go to the store.

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This beer is much like Bud Light, although it is a heavy set. This beer is common upon frank 50, football, tailgates, and is a manly beer. Bud heavys make for a good set.

Me: "Bartender, can i get a Bud Heavy?"

Bartender: "Do you mean a budwieser?"

Me: No, I want a fucking Bud Heavy, Im trying to blow out some broncos tonight.

Those bud heavys made for a real good set the other night

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Similar to a bud light, however, an extremely heavy set. A manly beer associated with football, frank, and heavy, clean sets. Dont drink this set if your a worm.

Guy- "Hey bartender, can I get a bud heavy?"

Bartender- "You mean a budweiser?"

Guy- "No idiot, a bud heavy set! Im trying to blowout some slobs! whooo!"

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