What is Buddhabless?


Bud·dha·bless (buhd-hey-buhls)

1. An individual who is known for lack of mental capacity for leading a community dedicated in accomplishing similar goals in the entertainment phenomenon, World of Warcraft.

2. The status of having one's face melted almost immediately in attempt to expose his or her skills in battle with intent of gaining favor from fellow peers.

3. A modern colloquial term often used in the New England region of the United States for venereal diseases such as: gonorrhea, syphilis, granulomainguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum, and chancroid.

1. Damn Buddhabless, L2 Lead.

2. Damn Buddhabless, L2 Play.

3. Damn Buddhabless, get off my balls.

See buddhabless, buddha, noob, disease, OHG


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