What is Buffalo?


A drinking city with a football problem. Buffalo is known for the overwhelming number of bars per square mile, the ever changing weather conditions, and it's diehard football and hockey fans who always believe that "this season this will be the season we go all the way"! It might have it's political havoc, an incredibly high crime rate, and a failing economy, but Buffalonians have an unexplainable bond to each other and the city. Buffalo is also widely recognized for being the biggest small town in America. Everyone knows everyone who knows everyone. This city may have it's faults but it is a great place to be during any holiday(s).

Drunk driving is a sport in Buffalo.

No matter where they travel in the world, a Buffalonian will run into other Buffalonians.

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A city that is WAY WAY WAY better then rochester. Buffalo might want to be rochester if it wanted to be a small city noone cares about. Has alot of bars and a night scene Rochester dreams of.

Hey, we could go to Buffalo or Rochester. Lets go to Buffalo where theres things to do, Rochester is for little school boys who are afraid to be out after dark


1) (n) A large hairy mammal.

2) (n) A city in western New York.

3) (n, adj) A type of hot wing sauce.

4) (v) To intimidate, as by a display of confidence or authority.

Buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

(it's a legitimate sentence, really...the 4th "buffalo" is the verb)

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a once prosperous city filled with good jobs for everyone. in fact, college wasn't even necessary, cause there were jobs for everyone that paid pretty well. however, those jobs have all been shipped to mexico, china, thailand, taiwan and india among other places where workers are slaved for pennies a day that can never buy them any of the products they make. and, of course, the prices aren't really going down. But the city is, thanks to the apathy of a neo-con federal government, which could care less about the cities that built america, a state government that worries only about the so-called troubles of new york city, a city government that takes the little bit of federal and state money and pockets it into their own payraises and doesnt even attempt to solve problem, and a county government bureaucracy that only works part-time, gets paid more than double the salary of the avergae full-time worker in america, has no sense of creative thought, overstaffs itself and expects others to get rid of their so called patronage when they wont get rid of theirs. basically the great city has been fucked over.

outsourcing + federal neo-cons such as tom delay who cut off any aid + state interests + corrupt city gov't + county gov't shithole = the destruction of buffalo

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Buffalo is a city in upstate New York that has something for everyone: shopping, partying, parks, people, art festivals, snow in the winter, beautiful seasons, architectural treasures, restaurants of every kind, and affordable housing. We have our share of crooked politicians, but, hey, tell me some place that does not?

Come on over to the city of good neighbors and we'll show you around!


A drinking game in which you can only drink alchohol with your non-dominant hand and if another player sees you drinking with your dominant hand, they can call buffalo on you and you must finish your drink as quickly as possible.

Dick was drinking with his dominant hand and I called buffalo on him so he downed it.

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a slang term for marijuana originating from the Midwest, referring to the Native American custom to use every part of the buffalo.

"Save the stems of that buffalo, dude, we can use it later."

"Yo, dude, pick that nug up, you can't waste the buffalo."

"Dude, don't cash that buffalo yet, you can't waste the buff."

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