What is Bu$h?


Stupidest man to hold presidency of US.

Puts pseudo old testament fundamentalist religious beliefs discovered during a college drunk session ahead of facts when sending young kids who think they are being patriotic off to die while killing people with brown skin... thinks Vietnam was a noble act.

Killed most people in state sponsered execution in Us while governor of Texas.

Bush is thinking again, said Carl rove. I can smell something burning.

See mp


How socialist fucktards/campus radicals/posers from MoveOn spell President Re-Elect Bush's surname.

OMG! OMG! OMG! Pre$ident-$elect Bu$h want$ to rapez tha enviremint $o he can enrich hi$ oil buddy$ at Halli Burton which i$ the only rea$on he made u$ go to Iraq ba$ed on lie$ about WMD'$ and that $addam wa$ re$pon$ible for 9-11 $o he could give ma$$ive tax cut$ to the riche$t .01% and throw gay$ into consintra$hun camp$ becuz he'$ $uch a fuc'n NAZI!!!!!!!1 OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (and omg).


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