Bum Chief

What is Bum Chief?


The leader of a bummer gang. Will usually coordinate meetings, choose who gets a rogering and what clothes are fashionable.

He looks over and protects the other bummers, using sophistcated colloquialisms and bitch-slappin' to defend of enemies (usually big fat lesbos).

the bum chief is not to be confused with the bum chef, who cooks and prepares the bums before they are eaten.

Bum chiefs are known as 'la roi de bout' (butt king) in French and 'Brauner Lochmeister' (brown hole master) in German. There is no solid defintion in Italy as everyone is a bum chief.

TODD: I saw this guy in yellow speedo pummeling some other dude with a butt plug!?!

RUDDY: I thought you were gonna stop going to porn theatres!

the bum chief isn't here today, he's cleaning his sphincter as it is filled with jam

See lol, whammel, waffle, pol, poj, flap, flappy, mother


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