What is Bunting?


Term used for Male gay penetrative sex

Jeff: "I heard my roommate and his boyfriend bunting last night!"

See buttfuck, shaft, roger, nail, fudgepacker


When you don't even make it to first base, you don't even get a kiss.

Teenager 1: How was your date with Donna?

Teenager 2: Only bunting, nothing happened.

See first base, second base, third base, home run, dating


Someone who talks really slow in a mono-tone voice. Listining to this peson for hours on end would make a hardened criminal drop his guard to take a nap. Do not underestimate the powers of a Bunting, they can make someone who has had 50 cups of coffe sleep, and drive a sane man to insanity.

Wow, this guy is a total Bunting, if I hear him talk for 5 more minutes I'm going to shoot my self!

See boring, insane, devil, crazy, insomnia


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