What is Burga?


A Lame ass nigga who just loves to talk about getting $$$ and never does!!! A broke ass that just loves to waiste a girls time.

" U need to leave them burgas alone n make a steak upgrade."-- FABOLOUS

" Fuck that "Burga" hes broke anyway!! lol

See looser, slacker, corney, wack, broke, bum, wanksta


A short, fat, nasty, hairy penis.

that guy will never get a girl with his "burga".

See cock, chode, vagina, cooch


A short, fat, hairy, and stout dick.

Dude, I been sucking too many burgas.

See dick, fat., chode, fat one, dagger


in, of, or about a Burga. A Noun used to describe a pudgy, jewish boy with roots in NY.

Word comes from a young gentlemen named Adam who works in Manhattan -

Mostly used in question form?

How's your burga doin?

Have you seen the size of my burga?

Wanna touch my burga?

Walk over to the printer - you will get to see a burgahhhhhh!!

See Sack


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