What is Burning?


smoking, usually weed

we burning tonight or what

See deejay


V: to spread the std gonorea

that bitch dominique is burning niggas


A sexually transmitted disease when it burns when you pee

Man I've been burning ever since i fucked that hoodrat bitch Taiesha


To annoy people when they are chilling. "To burn someones chill"

eg1. Jack stole Micks beer

Mick: WTF man! Stop burning and give me my beer back. I was well chill!


Dan: I'm thinking of inviting Jack to the party.

Mick: NO WAY! That douche is such a burner.

See chill, douche, party, wtf, beer


V. Intentionally or accidentally showing another man your penis.

"Dude i just burned alex so hard. he was on the computer and i just snuck up behind him and put my dick right at eye level then waited for him to turn around."

"yeah burning is awesome"

See dick, dicks, men, prison, burn, burned, burning


when someone burns their wrist with either a lighter, candle, ect. as a form of self-injuryor si.

my friends been burning her wrists lately

See helen


when your really angry about something that happened/didnt happen also see cut

tod: u missed the maddest footy game last night

eric: farout man i know i was BURNING

See burning, cut, annoyed, angry, burn


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