What is Buttstroke?


the act of striking someone with the buttstock of a rifle, carbine, or shotgun. This is in contrast to "pistol-whip," which is the act of striking someone with a handgun, while gripping either the handgrip or the barrel/slide, but more commonly the latter.

"The brave Marine, having expended his last magazine, but lacking a bayonet, saw fit to buttstroke the charging enemy combatant."

See firearm, weapon, blunt


the action of hitting someone very hard in the face, gut, genitalia or other highly sensitive area (typically gender specific) with the butt of a rifle, shotgun, pistol or other firearm with a designated "butt".

"dude, the Russians abducted me and buttstroked me for hours, it hurt like hell"

See butt, rifle, gun, stroke, torture


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