What is Byahh?


Originating from Howard Dean in his "i have a scream" speech.later PARODIED by Dave Chapelle.

I just aced my test! Byahh!

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A Feeling Of An Emotion Or An Action Showing Authority.

Im Gonna Beat Tyler's Ass And Then Rub It In Being Like Byahh

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pronounced 'b-yah'

just yell it,

you'll figure it out

get me the paper


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daev chappelle says it

were goign to pitssbrgh and pennsylvania byahh!!!!

See beyah, byah, chappelle, dave chappelle, lil jon


a way of calling someone a bitch

a way to call someone a looser

tellin someone they have no life


1.)Wow! I cant believe he didn't have my back, hes such a byahh.

2.)Byahh please!

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