What is B'z?


One of the ultimate bands in japan. Made up of two people, Tak Matsumoto (lead Guitar) and Koshi Inaba ( lead volcals).

Name: Koshi Inaba; kanji also good for "Hiroshi"

Birthday: September 23, 1964

Hometown: Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture

Astrological sign: Libra/Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

Education: Graduate of Yokohama University; teaching license in Mathematics

He can't resist : Dogs and cats

Occupation: Lyricist and vocalist for B'z

Nicknames: 178, 178-san, Sensei, Ko-chan


Name: Takahiro, but everyone shortens it to Tak.

Birthday: March 27, 1961

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Astrological sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Bull

Is very fond of: Zebra stripe patterns

Accessories of choice: Chrome Hearts

Number of guitars in collection: Over 80

Cost of a a Gibson signature Takburst guitar: US$6000

Did Tak give one to Ko-chan? Yes, both models

Chances Tak will give one to you: Slim indeed

Nicknames lovingly bestowed by fans: Mat-chan, Ma-chan, Takboss, Osaka Diva

Occupation: Composer, guitarist, and Takboss of B'z


Koshi-san's voice goes very well with takbosses guitar playing ^_^


Great two man Jrock band.

Guitarist Tak Matsumoto is the only Japanese guitarist to have a signature gibson guitar named after him.

"Negai" is a great song by the B'z


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