C 187

What is C 187?


187 is US police radio code for Murder, Death, Kill

"Seven mary three adam thirty reporting a 187 on the corner of fourth and main, over"

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Gangs use this term when about to do a murder

Yo Dawg lets pull out that 187 on that nigga Frank


C 187 is the chapter in the book of the California General Laws defining premeditated murder.

Attention all cars we have a c 187 at Vine and Hollywood.

See 187, 1 8 7


C 187 refers to the California Penal Code section for Murder in the first degree. All other human killings are some form of manslaughter. The "C" in the term "C 187" refers to the word "Code" in "California Penal Code".

John Jones, you have been charged with Section 187 of the California Penal Code, Murder in the first degree. How do you plead?

Who, me?

Yes, Mr. Jones, you.

To C 187? Yeah, I done it! So what?

Take him away!

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