C And B

What is C And B?


1. C and B stands for Cock and Balls; derived from Adam Sandler's comedy.

2. To C and B a female means to have sex with her.

My new girlfriend came over last night and I gave her the C and B pretty good.


Crash and Burn. To completely fail at whatever it is that you were tryin' to do.

Nate: Did you talk to those fine ass females, dude?

Julian: Yeah man, but it was a c and b. I asked for thier numbers, and they stole my phone and my wallet.

See wpc, fucked up, wack, corn, fuck head


Phrase commonly used by Stocks in Con. Issues to mean something strange, mysterious and perhaps sexual.

RING* RING* "HEllo." "C and B dude C and B"


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