What is C+?


symbol for the Turkish flag in internet chats, messengers, mails, name tags etc.

The C stands for the crescent and the plusserves as an improvised star both of them depicted side by side in the Turkish flag.

C+ can be used as a means for easy national identification as well as for presenting oneself patriotic and spreading a feeling of coherence among Turkish folks in internet chat rooms etc.

No relation with C/C++ programming languages!

cittygangstuzBoy19: where you from?

SweeTtannedGurly16: C+ ^^

cittygangstuzBoy19: huh?o.0

SweeTtannedGurly16: -.-*

C+boy1: selam

C+boy2: selam

C+boy3: slm

C+boy1: naber

Richsimm0nsreloaded: much diversity in names here -.-

osmanlikahraman: C+ C+ C+ 4 LIFE!!

freekyJoe@CS1.6: actually I like Java more

osmanlikahraman: >_<

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