What is C-40?


C-40:the illegal drug known as crack or cocainecocaine;the act of smoking cocaine

"Yea,dude waz so high off dat C-40,he missed class."

"She be gettin that C-40 from the niggas off the corner"

"Naww man.I can't be smokin that C-40,my mama will be on my jock!"

"Yea, you know them niggas be doin the C-40"

"Jessica told me that the cops buted them dudes for doin that c-40"

See drugs, marijuana, coke, cocaine, high


a term Crips use, whiCh means "let Me by"

Cuddi- "C-40 loc"

Lox- "iight 6"

See crip, loc, gangsta, tookie


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