C Crew

What is C Crew?


The c crew, also known as the chronic crew, is a group of freestyle skiers headed by tanner hall who smoke weed and dance in barns. It consists of all white kids from the rocky mountains who like to hang out with black people to say that they talked to a black man. If they ever entered the hood they would immediately be shot. The c crew's film company the bigger picture is known for movies such as pop yer bottlez and wski106. The movies feature evan raps saying bitch and mother fucker, popping cristal in montana, and a variety of reggae, dancehall, and gangsta rap songs.

I reps C Crew till I die

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a culmination of dope illin ridaz who blaze pure heady chronular blunts all day and all night and occasionally strap on some skis and throw a trick or two.

jea jea c crew fo life nigga.

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