C Dub

What is C Dub?


Coke whore. "c" stands for Coke. "dub" stands for the first syllable of the letter "W". referring to a girl who whores herself out for cocaine.

dang...that c-dub was expensive! but i talked the price down!


Slang for CWE: The Central West End of St. Louis.

I'm taking this bitch to C Dub for drinks. Then we're going to ball.

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A large bear disguised as a woman, she enjoys displaying alot of PDA and its straight up Nasty, she also is known for eating everything in sight including male members, she like to cheat on people and say its cool, she thinks her bod is hot but its NOT, she is commonly mistaked as a bear..or an overwieght man

Cdub is fat hoe

Cdub is preparing for hibernation

Look at that whale...wait its a C dub

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C Dub is a notorious gangsta rapper. He is known down in the dirty county called Craighead for spitting hot fire flows. He is the number one supplier/dealer/ distributor of anything and everything you could ever want. He spends his free time gettin damp and spittin mad rhymes. He WILL sink yo battleship.

*Yo C Dub hook me up with a dime. (C Dub responds) You know I dont deal less than a QP. Nigga I be stackin that bread.

*C Dub lets go make some new flows, nigga you cant flow.

*C Dub why did you put Pablo Escabar out of business?

*Hey Masta Chief lets get that Cocoa Pebbles in Yo Bowl CD started. Damn straight C Dub.

*Hey lets get some marijuana, who should we call J Rae? Call that thug C Dub. Wait, he is out of town, call his best friend D-Won. Yeah, he has a mess load of weed.

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(N) A negro that lives in lakside CA

Damn That C dub Sucks At Madden

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