Cadillac Ranch

What is Cadillac Ranch?


1. a modern art sculpture in Texasthat resembles the famous British Stonehengeexcept that Cadillac cars are buried front down at an angle instead of large rocks. Since this is an art display, its statement could be interpreted in various ways by the viewer.

2. a popular song by rockerBruce Springsteen from his double album "The River" which hit in the early 80s. This album became the first of many Number Onealbums for the Boss.

In the liner notes for "The River" there is a picture of the Cadillac Ranch sculpture. Ironically enough, the song "Cadillac Ranch" delves into the themes of maturing, maturity, aging and death. Pretty heady stuff. Bruce's version of this tune live is even better - check it out.

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