What is Cakeboy?


"Cakeboy" is a term I first came across in Clueless. In this case, it is used to announce that the man is homosexual, and while some would describe it as hateful, I happen to think it is a rather nice word, and hope that someday it will be used by the general public to promote homosexuality. Rarer still is my creation "cakegirl" (not yet in circulation) which means "lesbian".

1. As gay man - "Yo Cher, your man Christian is a cakeboy".

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Released as the B-side to 1992's "baby got back"

"Cakeboy" describes a fellow that will "take your girlfriend from ya" while at the same time "makin' your homeboys wonder"

A cakeboy is the sensitive sort of male that a dacade later would be known as a metrosexualthat prefers "cappuchino latte", "drives a yellow camaro and may well "move to the old discogroove" though it may look "like a Chubby Checker nightmare".

"Get an around the way girl, and keep on bailin'

And if you're stuck with one of them stuck upducks/

Huh, don't press your luck/

'Cause she'll leave you for what she enjoys/

It ain't a man, it's a straight upcakeboy!"


a male homo; a dude that's gay.

That guy that works at the coffee place is a total cakeboy.


In my neck of the woods, cakeboy was always used as a term referring to a male who spent wayyy too much time on his hair, regardless of whether he was gay or not. Also refers to men who use excessive amounts of hair product.

Check out the cakeboy...his hair wouldn't move in a wind tunnel.

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A cakeboy is a guy who gives off ambiguous intentions towards his female "friend(s)." Generally, he says and does things that confuse his female friend(s) into believing they're dating him. Cakeboys can be found in large numbers among nice guys and at Protestant seminaries.

The term cakeboy comes from the reference to cake -- it looks and tastes good for a time, but it won't sustain you long-term.

I can never tell whether I'm dating him. He snuggles up to me on the couch, but then talks about how he values our friendship. He is such a cakeboy!

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'Cakeboy, up & coming Brighton Beat Bully'- Glastonbury Official Programme 2004.


A (generally) male person who's penis is wider than it is lengthy (one who had a choad). This label alludes to the shape of aforementioned genitalia: a cake -- generally having much greater girth than height -- is compared to the penis in question. Often thought of as more the realm of the exceedingly overweight or flabby.

Oneself to a friend: I hear MM is a total cakeboy, no wonder he's so lacking in the ass department

Friend: I've seen him drunk. Guy has a total choad. It's kinda gross.

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