Calm Of Chaos Band

What is Calm Of Chaos Band?


Calm of Chaos is a band from Kent, Ohio. Formally known as A Dying Light, the band was founded by lead vocalist/lyricist, James Christian. The band is completed with Kayla Turk on lead guitar and backup vocals, Doug Callahan on Bass, and Devin Mays on Rhythm Guitar. COC is still searching for a drummer. For their early demos, Kayla Turk recorded drum tracks.

The style of the band is debatable, but most people agree that it sucks. Christian's vocals are a cheap imitation of Avenged Sevenfold's lead singer M. Shadow's style. Mixing screamed vocals and cleaned vocals is an old, worn out vocal style, that has been used over and over again. It's called Metalcore. But to perform Metalcore correctly, or fluently, you must have a vocalist who can actually sing. Christian's screams are weak and repetitive, and his clean vocals are wretched. They are whiny, and couldn't hold a note to save his life. Turk's lead guitar work is impressive, along with her fill-in drums on the early demos. Mays' guitar work is average at best. Callahan has yet to be heard as the newly joined bass player. He joined in April of 2009, replacing the former bass player who was expelled from COC in April of 2009. Callahan comes from the death metal band Torment of Sin. TOS is nothing but a bunch of potheads who are baked all the time and aren't good enough to meet Callahan's bass standards.

Calm of Chaos is a joke of a band and should not be taken seriously or respected. This band will never go anywhere with James Christian as their vocalist. COC is not metal whatsoever. They are what is wrong with metal. Bands trying to be carbon copies of other bands. Hint, hint: A7X.

Long live true metal

The United States Military chose to use this Calm of Chaos band as a torture/interrogation tool. They play the band's demo over and over again. Most of the test subjects either attempted suicide after hearing James Christian's vocals, but some began sucking the nearest cock around them. This was explained by Dr. Christopher Michaels as a reaction to the homosexual qualities presented in this form of music. The note placement and sequence of notes triggers a rare nervous impulse in the victims brain, causing them to crave male genitalia.

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A Band from Kent, Ohio formed in 2009. Brought together by Vocalist/Lyricist James Christian and Lead Guitar/Vocalist Kayla Turk. Calm Of Chaos's early demos were recorded in Kayla's home studio and later praised by over thousands of fans on myspace. Soon after Doug Callahan joined the band as Bass, Devin Mays as Rythm Guitar, and Dom Iacoboni as Drums. They are currently working on their first LP which a song known as Memories of Broken Pain has been pre-studio recorded and sampled on their myspace to hear the change in vocals. Just google "Calm Of Chaos" and click the 2nd link to hear.

Singer James Christian has been told by few to improve on his singing which was too flat in their early recordings. Now after 5 months of vocal training, James is now ready to show everyone what he has learned and improved on. Many say the pre-studio recordings are "very efficient and sounds a hell of a lot more better" then the early demos.

Calm Of Chaos is now writing and preparing new tracks for their upcoming LP recording this fall at Conquistador Recording Studio in Lakewood, Ohio. Calm Of Chaos is also looking at many label opportunities through the studio which include,

Century Media Records

Metal Blade Records

Black Market Activities

Columbia Records

Rust Records

Rotten Records

Innerstrength Records

Candlelight Records

Interscope Records

City of Kings

You hear that new band Calm Of Chaos Band? I can't wait for them to play their first show!

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