Candy Paint

What is Candy Paint?


a high gloss paint finish applied to automobiles

Dat candy paint be shining like christmas on da 'lac.

See Capo


Brightly colored, typically high-gloss, automobile paint (i.e. candy colored paint).

The candy paint on the 'lac is simply amazin

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An automotive finish. Consists of a base coat (usually metallic, with small to large metallic flakes), followed by the 'candy', which is followed by a clear coat.

The candy is a translucent color coat, which is either a specialty candy paint or a clear-coat paint tinted with dye.

The final color and darkness of the finish depends on the color and darkness of the basecoat, the amount of tint in the candy coat, and the number of candy coats applied.

Candy paint requires a lot of sanding and is very labor intensive. It also requires a skilled painter to get a consistent color, as any variation in the thickness of the candy paint will appear as streaks or dark/light patches in the final finish. Due to this, candy paint is usually very expensive.

Translucent, wet-look paint, such as in Fast and Furious or on some show cars. Candy paint.

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Shiny paint on a car, glossed to a shiny finish.

"It's bout syrupand candy paint, you see us choppin for miles"

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A drug consisting of cough syrop and codine mixed with a jolly rancher (makes it not taste like shit)

Man that candy paint got me so buzzed man

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Street name for crystal meth which is a strong methamphetamine.

Damn that candy paint was some of the strongest stuff I've smoked, it blew my mind.


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