Carmel, Indiana

What is Carmel, Indiana?


A small town located just north of Indianapolis, Carmel was created so that, after integration, white peoplewouldn't have to be around blacks. Sad, but true. Since then, Carmel hasn't changed much. Carmel is a richcommunity, with most of the adults living there working at Eli Lilly, a large drug company. Property values are high for the area; it's a way of saying "No Blue-Collar citizens allowed". The town is also home to Carmel High School, a school of about 4,000 students. Of those 4,000 there can't be more than 150 black kids. Once again, sad but true.

1:Where you from, dawg?

2:Carmel, Indiana. Born & raised.

1:Dude! your parents worked at Lilly?

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The best place to live in in Indiana, but only if you have money. If you're poor, go live in IPS or Warren Twp. Carmel is also better than its surrounding subarbs, Fishers, Zionsville, and Westfield. They often think we Carmelites are snobs when they're the ones whom are dissing everyone.

We have lots of mansions in Carmel, Indiana.

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