What is Carstairs?


A tiny hick town being over run by wiggers from the city who are on a mission to beat up any one who has not yet conformed to crotch grabbing and listing to rap music in the parking lot.

Carstairs was a town that used to be full of males wearing ball hugging jeans and cowboy hats until it was abuducted by males in baggy pants and bandanas.

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A hick town 40 minutes outside of Calgary. Its famous for its drug deals in the co op parking lot and the many female tricycles willing to do what ever when ever just so you will take a ride. Underage? That's ok there are many prostitots hanging out at the grave yard smoking pot.

It is recommended that you dive around this town instead of through it.. its rancid smell of cow shit mixed with the fishy whore smell, should not be inhaled. But if you really want to get laid, this would be the perfect town to visit. Just don’t forget to be treated for crabs and the clap after you leave.

Not sure what to do tonight?

Go to carstairs!

Underage? Thats ok! There a party at the graveyard!

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