What is Catch'n'dry?


When one or more pieces of fecal matter gets caught in the hairs in the anal cleavage of a person, and is missed in wiping. The feces then proceed to dry and go into a weird crumbly substance which is quite hard to remove.

Often, this dry fecal matter obstructs the next defecation, which makes it incredibly hard to empty your bowels because the dried feces are blocking the anus.

Possible remedies which I have tried are

-Using scissors to cut out the feces (if you slip like I did you can cut your anus)

-Simply pulling it out (suggestions are to have gone through a lot of pain beforehand so this doesn't seem so significant, because it HURTS, or to go into a shower and soap it up, then try and pull it off)

Usually when the feces are stuck in the ass hair, when you stand up off the toilet seat your butt feels wet, and is sort of stuck together. If this symptom ever occurs, shower INSTANTLY. It savse a LOT of pain.

John: Damn... another catch'n'dry, and I didn't catch it in time!

Friz: Time to braek out the morphine :)

John: -sigh- I'm in for a longggg day.

See poo, feces, hair, male, r0lb


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