What is C-bag?


A C-bag is short for Cunt Bag. A derogatory name used on women. Very similar to the commonly used d-bag.

Yo bitch, pay me back you smelly c-bag.


(noun/adj/verb) Invented in Edison, NJ in February 2007. C-bagging has now become the female version of a T-bagging, in which a female dips her vagina (preferably hairy)into another's mouth (preferably unknowingly, sleeping, or unconscious). C-bag can also be a derogatory name or description of a lesbian. The C (commonly misconstrued as "cunt" or "cooch") stands for Carpet. Derived from the word "Carpet bagger", C-bagging was invented sometime in March 2007.

1. (noun)

OMG she made out with her? What a C-bag.

2. (adj)

OMG she made out with her? How C-baggish.

3. (verb)

OMG she C-bagged her? What a C-baggishly C-bag.

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A highly offensive insult which is based on the word colostomy bag which means: a receptacle worn over the stoma to collect feces following a colostomy. More insulting than a d-bag.

I can’t believe Jim stranded us in the middle of Nebraska! What a c-bag!

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One meaning for the abbreviation C-Bag is Cock Bag. A cock bag is a low quality human being who is extremely cocky. Another symptom of this commonplace condition is the culprit’s own psuedo-belief in the idea that they are the one and only shit. A C-Bag will continue to claim they're right long after you've proved them wrong, no matter how concrete the evidence against them is. Theoretically, a C-bag could be anyone who expresses an opinion different than your own in an arrogant fashion.

That kid in the import with his collar popped is a c-bag.

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